How To Make Sure Your Clothes Last Longer?

Clothes make the man they say. Whether you’re an absolute fashionista or the type who abhorrers shopping, you will have to pay close attention when it comes to taking care of your clothes, cause if not, it’s a lot of money that’ll be going down the drain. So here are a few pointers to make sure you let your clothes last long.

Read the Tags

The tags on your clothes are not for show, they carry very useful information that you need to consider when it comes to washing, ironing and drying your clothes. Paying attention to the specific symbols and instructions will help you save a lot of time and money. For example, it’s safe for you to use a liquid bleaching agent like Clorox only when the label says “bleach when needed”. Some tags tell you its okay to wash by hand while others say do not wash at all. When a tag says “may be dry cleaned” or “dry cleaned only” you should hand over that particular clothing to a laundry service Melbourne.

This applies to ironing as well. While most clothes like the ones made from cotton can be ironed at home, those made out of fabrics such as chiffon and tulle needs experts to iron them. So, if you don’t’ want your precious clothing to be burned through, you will need to give it to a laundry that includes ironing service.

Quality Not Quantity

Some of your clothes may come from high end designer boutiques and some might come from thrift stores. While the latter may be a cheap option, the former provides you with pieces that are sure to last a long time. A pair of high-priced denims or a little black dress from Chanel are actually investments!

Dry It Right

Save your clothes, electricity bill and the environment by avoiding the dryer! Not only do they wear your clothes fast but dryers also consume a lot of energy and are low in energy efficiency. Drying bras, for example are, damages the structure of the clothing, which results in reducing support. If you must use the dryer, do it sparingly. For most of the time trust the powers of the sun to dry! Buy a clothesline or some racks and hang them out. If you have an electric fan at home you can use it to air dry your clothes.

Good Hygiene= Good Clothes

Clothes, especially undergarments, are things that associate with your body intimately. Thus, practicing a level of good hygiene can help your clothes last longer. For example, wearing a good deodorant will avoid those ugly sweat stains under the armholes of shirts, especially the white ones. Clean clothes are happy clothes!Spring…That sweet time of the year when blossoms bloom and everything feels and looks fresh. 

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