Actions You Should Be Taking When Faced With Floods

Always expect the unexpected, only then can you be prepared to face anything!When it starts raining too hard, and when the rivers overflow the potential for a flood to occur is high. Therefore those that are living close to such places need to be extra careful of the things they do, as it could further accelerate the floods. If you are encountering floods though there is a different set of processes you should be following to protect your home, your family and your valuables. Here are some of them.

Clean the drains

This is basically something you should be doing beforehand. If the gutters, spouts and drains are blocked they cause the water to fill up and become stagnant in one place. And when the pressure of the water increases, it overflows and contributes further to the floods. So if you want to make sure your home is equipped in a way where it could reduce the flood damage, then make sure you always clean the gutters, spouts and drains.

Move your belongings

If you don’t want to end up worrying about wet carpet drying Melbourne or chipping furniture or rusting ornaments, make sure that they are moved to a higher ground. If you are living in a two storied building, then move all these up, if not, you either have to wrap them up with water resistant rubber sheets or place them on top of something that is high. You could also get an insurance policy to cover these so that in case there is a damage you can claim for compensation to restore them all back.

Turn off the utilities

One of the worst things you could ever do to put yourself in harm in a flood situation is not turning off the utilities, especially electricity. Water is scientifically proven to be a conductor of electricity so if there is a shortage, and electricity transfers to the water and you end up stepping in it without your knowledge, then you’d probably get electrocuted and die. So to protect yourself and your home make sure that before the water gets in you turn off the gas, electricity and water lines.

Move bigger appliances to higher ground

Besides the little electrical appliances, you might be owning, there probably are other appliances that are bigger and need to be stored extra carefully. Mainly, air conditioners, washing machines and whatnot. When it comes to these, make sure that you are extra careful of how you store them. Use rubber sheets or polythene covers to cover them up tightly to be stored and moved to high ground. Take these steps in to account and guarantee the safety of yourself, your family and home against the gushing floods!